FBR ELPO Academy



From the experience of FBR ELPO, an innovative project to make an even more efficient service for its customers to offer them tailor-made solutions.

FBR ELPO ACADEMY is a new laboratory equipped with modern technologies, created to carry out sterilization and aseptic filling tests. The customers can carry out the tests with their own products, to realize new recipes preliminary to a future industrial production, receiving a quick answer and an estimation of management economies.

Testing on specific product

To achieve this purpose, FBR ELPO ACADEMY provides its skilled technicians and a series of pilot machines, that will work on small quantities, but with the same features and functionality of the industrial plants.

FBR ELPO offers this unique opportunity to its customers, to carry out tests on specific products and to evaluate their introduction in a constantly evolving market or simply to establish the most suitable production capacities for their needs.

Specialized technicians and customized training

FBR ELPO ACADEMY is also a technical service and training center for the customer’s technicians, who can carry out customized training on the machines and with the products they need to test. At the end of the tests, participants will receive a certificate of attendance, with the results of the product tests achieved.

A real ACADEMY, with the best masters, to obtain the best performances.