Innovation is the core of FBR ELPO

Nowadays, innovation and research are the prime objectives every modern and evolved company should pursue, to enter and place itself on a continuous growing market.

FBR ELPO invests in a team of technicians and experts dedicated to research and development activities of new technologies and technical solutions.

Research and Development deals with the design of machines and the implementation of new information systems to be applied both on new equipment and on the already existing one to make it optimal.

The technical and technological solutions that have been studied and adopted have improved production systems, reduction of consumptions, efficiency and profitability of production lines.

New operating systems and Industry 4.0

The use of evolved electronics guarantees the completely automatic operation of machines.

From this point of view, FBR ELPO has developed a new operating system for the plant control.

Thanks to the new INTUITIVE RELATIONSHIP INDUSTRIAL SUPERVISION (IRIS), the whole production process is always checked by means of the direct analysis of the processed data.

The system can also send diagnostics directly to the Service Department in order to permit fast and efficient reports and interventions.

Each machine is provided with its own data base for all the controlled variables and a Display unit diagnostic, with the historicizing file of alarms.

The equipment software and hardware are prepared for interfacing according to Industry 4.0.

Tests and prototypes, to experience new solutions

Speed of response and management saving are essential features when carrying out preliminary production tests.

For this purpose, FBR ELPO manufactures machines and equipment to process small quantities, exactly like bigger machinery, and pilot equipment for tests and control of special products, on specific requests of customers. In some cases, it is also possible to build temporary laboratories by renting appropriate equipment.

Besides, prototype development allows FBR ELPO to control the production system functionality in every detail and gain competitive advantages on the market with technological innovations. FBR ELPO team manufactures prototypes in collaboration with its own customers to obtain the most modern results during the development of new solutions. In this way, customers can verify the compliance of a certain product with the own market needs.



+12.000 R&D hours yearly

Technology and innovation applied to new machines, thanks to specialized knowledge of all aspects of mechanics and electronics.


+3.000 TEST hours yearly

Validation tests and production of new machinery manufactured completely in the company are strong points on the market.


+4.200 TRAINING hours yearly

Every year, R&D team acquires and improves the best technical skills to develop the most advanced products.