After Sales


 Constant monitoring

The Service Department goes beyond the scheduled maintenance and the sending of technicians when a problem arises. FBR ELPO’s machines and lines include software which constantly controls the system conditions.

Thanks to electronics and remote assistance, it is possible to solve most at-risk situations.
The spare parts Department ensures the availability of spare parts in short times.

FBR ELPO team also trains customer’s personnel at the worksite, in order to permit the usage of installed machines and lines in an autonomous and safe way.
A solid and organized After-Sales service, which assists its customer constantly after the plant purchase.

Preventive maintenance

The regularity of maintenances permits the planning of works and the prevention of emergencies.
The Service Department is able to prepare a personalized maintenance schedule, both to guarantee the full operation of the plant according to production cycles and to keep costs.

Technical interventions are agreed with customers, combining preventive maintenance works and periodical checks of the single machines or complete lines. Constantly instructed and trained, FBR ELPO’s technicians make interventions on the machines and lines always collaborating with the departments of the headquarters, replacing all the damaged parts or making necessary repairs.

After the maintenance, FBR ELPO’s technicians carry out the start-up of the equipment to check the operation and functionality of the plant. In this way, efficiency and sustainability are ensured.



Quality and efficiency

In order to supply spare parts in short times, FBR ELPO has developed a punctual and accurate organization.

The Spare Parts Department manages customer’s requests and together with the Service Department, shares information and plans maintenances.

In this way, technical interventions are put forward and scheduled depending on the plant production cycle.
All spare parts are manufactured in high-quality materials and are controlled before their shipment.

Thanks to the well-stocked magazine, placed at the headquarters and electronically , controlled through “STAR Pegaso 5000” system, most spare parts are easily available and ready for their shipment in short times.



More than 2.300 deliveries yearly

Fast shipments, thanks to the immediate availability of spares at the warehouse and the guarantee of availability over time.


Over 200 interventions yearly

Not only scheduled maintenances but also periodic verifications of the general conditions of the machines and intervention optimization.


In over 100 Countries

The technical skills of our specialized technicians reach our customers all over the world, without limitations.



Remote diagnostics

The software developed by FBR ELPO for its own machines performs remote diagnostics of the plant.
In this way, multi-lingual and highly qualified electronic engineers guarantee after-sales assistance promptly and efficiently.

Thanks to the new INTUITIVE RELATIONSHIP INDUSTRIAL SUPERVISION (IRIS), suitable to check the plant, every element can be constantly checked and the system can send diagnostics directly to the Service Department.

The qualified personnel can also perform functioning simulation tests for working checks of the plant.
Every machine is equipped with a database complete with all variables and permit the eventual transfer of information to management systems or external records.

Always close to the Customer

The Service Department fulfils any kind of immediate need.

FBR ELPO’s qualified staff supplies customers with phone or remote assistance.

When problems cannot be solved through a phone call, FBR ELPO’s electronic technicians access the software of the machines via Internet and by using a “remote access” make a fast and thorough review of the situation, identify the problems and solve them on line and in short times.

Then the collected data is stored in the customer’s technical file and is analyzed for statistics on the plant operation and to avoid future technical interventions.

So as to save time and money, it is possible to firm up a comprehensive assistance agreement which guarantees telephone support and remote service in a package deal.


Autonomy and safety

FBR ELPO develops autonomous processing systems with simple and intuitive procedures.
During the installation and tests or upon request, FBR ELPO’s qualified technicians provide the training to customer’s personnel at the worksite, so as to let them use the installed machinery in a correct, simple and safe way.

During the installation, FBR ELPO’s qualified personnel show the functionality of the plant by analyzing the flowsheet and the use and instruction manual.

Upon request, FBR ELPO can also supply an ad hoc presentation which analyzes the installed equipment in detail. Always upon request, the training to the customer’s personnel can be supplied to transmit information and instructions concerning maintenance activities.