Tomato Processing

Machines And Equipment Or Complete Lines

To get the best final product

In order to obtain an excellent finished product, the raw material should reach its destination in the shortest time, thereby reducing the stress it has undergone during the mechanical harvesting and its transport to the factory.

Even choosing the best crops, any effort could be thwarted if the processing stage was wrong.

From the unloading, washing and sorting operations, FBR ELPO handles raw materials in a delicate and accurate way.

Purees, concentrates, dices, pulp, peeled tomatoes… The best final products are obtained only with the utmost respect for tomato.

For Tomato Quality

FBR ELPO has been designing machines and lines for tomato processing for over 50 years,  manufactured according to the production capacity and the final product to be obtained.

The lines include machines for product receiving and sorting, enzymatic inactivation, hot break and cold break technologies, juice extraction, pan concentration, evaporators with capacities from 75 T/24h  to 2.000 T/24h of fresh product at the inlet, dicing, peeling, sterilization and aseptic filling.

Single machines and complete processing lines are conceived and designed to ensure great care during processing, more flexibility, attention to consumption and sustainability.


  • High production and profitability
  • Great production flexibility
  • Best technology on the market
  • High quality materials and components
  • Reduction of installed electric power
  • Preservation of organoleptic characteristics and colours
  • Complete traceability and daily record of production data
  • Production capacity: over 2.000 T/24h