Masters of Performance


Turn-key plant and project

Thanks to its experience, FBR ELPO can design and manufacture not only machines and lines for tomato and fruit processing and aseptic filling but also complete turnkey plants.

Apart from equipment, FBR ELPO provides the engineering of the entire industrial complex, paying attention to the agricultural part for the production of raw material.

The complexity of turn-key projects is not only linked to the high throughput of the line but also to the need to provide all the utilities such as water, steam, compressed air, sewage system and all necessary for the correct functioning of the factory.

The installation is always carried out in a homogenous way and according to the development of the industrial complex to adapt the civil engineering works to the line structure.

Funds and loans

FBR ELPO also shows its experience in the research of financial solutions for the purchase of equipment.

FBR ELPO helps its own customers obtain convenient solutions by contacting institutions involved in the grant of loans with special rates and deferred payments and by making “buy-back” payments.

In this way, FBR ELPO provides its 360-degree support.



+80% of Equipment

FBR ELPO machines are manufactured according to customers’specific requests, bearing in mind the different production capacities, the products to be treated, the machines already existing in the plants. All this to create something unique to meet single needs.


360° Support

Not only study and design of single machines or lines, but also engineering and skills applied to the realization of entire industrial and agricultural plants.  Complete support for the research of funds, loans, Customs operations, permits.


100% Efficiency and Sustainability

FBR ELPO machines and lines are designed and manufactured to obtain the requested results. Performance that lasts over the years, without compromise, in the light of energy saving and environmental sustainability.   

Tailored Projects

New plant

Getting unique results, perfectly tailored to customers’ needs.

From this point of view, FBR ELPO studies and manufactures tailor-made machines, equipment and lines.

FBR ELPO team analyzes the feasibility of the project together with its customers, bearing in mind the working capacity of the equipment according to the production flow of existing machines.

The machines are also designed according to the dimension and functionality of the factory where they will be installed and to electric energy.

Tailored installations

From the beginning, FBR ELPO’s installations are designed to be functional in all conditions, to reduce operation costs and to extend their lifetime.

Safety systems for the personnel and electronic checks are further aspects evaluated and applied during the project design.

The choice of components and the adaptability of the equipment to the single production requirements make each machine different from the others.

Every detail is considered and every aspect calculated to reduce wastes and achieve the goals set by customers, with the best performance.