About Us


Everything for preserves since 1963

The most advanced solutions in manufacturing of lines and machines for the processing of tomato and fruit, even topical.

FBR ELPO designs and manufactures fully-developed, tailor-made and versatile machinery, known all over the world.

Founded in 1963, FBR started manufacturing machines for the processing of tomato and fruit, answering the specific needs of each producer and following the proper operating practices for the quality of preserves.

Soon, it gained the trust of its customers both in Italy and abroad and thanks to its professionality and reliability, earned an outstanding position on the market like the most important companies in the field.

The best in aseptic filling

After the incorporation of ELPO in the early 90s, the company became specialized in the manufacturing of aseptic fillers, suitable for any type of product, capacity and packaging.

From the very beginning, FBR ELPO gained the leadership in the construction of machines for aseptic filling, also thanks to the design of a new cap, called “ELPO” cap, still widely used on the market.

The aseptic fillers are the flagship of the company and are considered and appreciated as a high quality product all over the world.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

We have always aspired to excellence through quality, innovation and service.

Today, we are able to work together with our customers to obtain the best production results in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility.

We are a partner who knows how to design, produce and supply tailor-made equipment or “turnkey” complete lines with all the necessary services.

FBR ELPO strengths


The highest quality for tomato, fruit, milk and by-products

FBR ELPO’s machines and plants are carefully designed and manufactured with the best materials and solutions: excellence and experience for over 50 years.


From the food to the pharmaceutical sector, more solutions.

Tomato or ketchup, fruit, marmalade and juice, milk and yogurt, fertilizers and physiological solutions…FBR ELPO manufactures machines and each of them can be adapted to any kind of processing.


Tailor-made equipment for performance that lasts.

FBR ELPO team works together with its customer to make tailor-made equipment, more functional to production cycles and to the characteristics of the desired final products.