The history

An Italian story

Everything for preserves since 1963

In 1963, FBR is founded in Parma with the goal of consolidating the development and the trading of fruit and tomato processing plants in Italy. In the background the Food Valley, cradle of the food industry and Made in Italy.

Since the early years, the construction quality and efficiency of FBR plants have captured the attention of not only the national but also the international market.

The best in aseptic filling

From the merger with Elpo, a company specialized in the aseptic filling sector, the new industrial reality soon becomes a world leader in the production of aseptic fillers, thanks also to the design of a new cap, still widely used in the market, and known as “ELPO” cap.

The great success of FBR ELPO has always been based on the capacity of customizing their own machines in accordance with the specifical exigences of the customers; plants able to adapt to different products, ensuring high performances.

Since the first installations, all FBR ELPO machines have been designed and manufactured according to energy saving, low consumption, and low emissions levels criteria. Because preserving the environment is one of the company’s missions.


Today FBR ELPO is a solid and modern company, structured and organized as large companies but, at the same time, maintaining a family profile. Always close to their customers, from the study of the project to the installation and beyond.

Individual machines or complete lines particularly appreciated abroad, where FBR ELPO is present and consolidated with more than 90% of annual turnover.

To meet the large demand for turnkey solutions and with the aim of completing and diversifying the products marketed, from 2022 FBR ELPO became a majority shareholder of Logicon, company specialized in the production of machines and plants for the world of packaging and end of line, with wide use of robotics.

The next sixty years

The need for growth, specialization and technological progress are part of the company’s DNA, so much to push to design new, more and more performing machines, to reach new Countries and markets, continue to grow to enrich the offer of products and services to their customers, always ensuring the quality, reliability, and customization typical of the FBR ELPO family.


FBR ELPO strengths


The highest quality for tomato, fruit, milk and by-products

FBR ELPO’s machines and plants are carefully designed and manufactured with the best materials and solutions: excellence and experience for over 50 years.


From the food to the pharmaceutical sector, more solutions.

Tomato or ketchup, fruit, marmalade and juice, milk and yogurt, fertilizers and physiological solutions…FBR ELPO manufactures machines and each of them can be adapted to any kind of processing.


Tailor-made equipment for performance that lasts.

FBR ELPO team works together with its customer to make tailor-made equipment, more functional to production cycles and to the characteristics of the desired final products.