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6 November 2020

In order to meet the requests to increase the production capacity, FBR ELPO S.p.A. launches on the market the new filler Mod. Mustang, with double head and filling capacity up to 1,400 bags / h.

The new filler is ideally used for handling the pre-sterilized bags with caps from 1 to 20 liters, with precut continuous module. It is is suitable for filling the low and high acid products, such as milk, milk-shake, juices in general, purees, fruit and tomato concentrates, citrus juices and concentrates, tomato pulp, pizza sauce, physiological solutions, fertilizers and others.

Like the other FBR ELPO filling machines, the new Mod. Mustang can also handle any kind of bag/ cap / spout available on the Bag-In-Box market, including those equipped with product emptying valves and taps, particularly suitable for dispensers, including those equipped the spouts with flexible hose for dispenser. Spouts can be “short neck” or “long neck type”, placed in the center or in the corner of the bag.

It is also possible to combine the filler with the automatic cartoning system “WE -BOX” of FBR ELPO production, in conformity with the new filler performance.

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