Ketchup, Sauces and Compounds

Formulated Product

Like Home-Made.

The production of ketchup, sauces and compounds for retail and restaurants requires great attention to tomato, fruit and vegetable processing depending on the period of the year and the different recipes, maximum efficiency in handling quantities, reduction of wastes and consumptions and respect for raw material.

By following the proportions indicated in the recipe, the main ingredients are introduced and mixed in the plant. Small quantities of species and aromas can be then added, either manually or by means of dispensers.

FBR ELPO’s lines for ketchup, sauces and compounds keep product organoleptic characteristics to achieve a high quality final result.


Mixing, cooking, concentration

FBR ELPO manufactures lines which handle ingredients accurately for mixing, cooking and concentrating sauces.

FBR ELPO’s machinery takes care of products from the beginning of the production cycle up to their heat stabilization, allowing recipe variations and high viscosity sauce production.

Also in sauce preparation, the mixing and cooking stages of fruit and vegetables can be carried out with FBR ELPO’s special plant, in order to obtain high quality ready-made dishes with total flexibility on the type of vegetables to be used.


Production capacities. Great Flexibility

The production range designed and manufactured by FBR ELPO includes lines for product dilution and mixing, for baby-food, nectars and products with special recipes.

The plant is designed together with customers to obtain the desired technical and operating results.

The implementation of systems always takes into account logistic situations, quantities, season variables, energy capacity.

The production range can vary from 500 to over 20.000 kg/h.


  • Great production flexibility
  • Best technology on the market
  • High quality materials and components
  • Preservation of organoleptic characteristics and colours
  • Complete traceability and daily record of production data.
  • High automation for processing different products with the same plant
  • Production capacity: over 20 T/h