Marmalade, Sauces & Baby Food

Formulated Product

For every recipe.

Fruit season variations, different recipes, exotic or particular ingredients are winning elements to adapt to the market.

It is essential to be able to process at high or low capacities alternatively and vary recipes of marmalade, sauces, homogenized products, nectars and baby food, jams even with medium-sized pieces.

FBR ELPO’s lines for marmalade, sauces, nectars and baby food ensure the preservation of product organoleptic characteristics to obtain a final high quality product.

Under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.

Just like in the most sophisticated preparations, recipes can be cooked under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure. Freshness and organoleptic characteristics of raw materials are preserved by vacuum techniques.

FBR ELPO’s processing lines include dosing, mixing and heating, cooking and in some cases concentration and pasteurization.

In nectar production lines, mashed potatoes and fruit concentrates, sugar syrups and acidifiers are mixed, homogenized and pasteurized together with other ingredients according to each recipe.

Working capacities. Great Flexibility

The production range designed and manufactured by FBR ELPO includes lines for product dilution and mixing, for baby food, nectars and product with special recipes. The production range can vary from 500 to over 20.000 kg/h.

The plant is designed together with customers to obtain the desired technical and operating results.

The implementation of systems always takes into account logistic situations, quantities, season variables, energy capacity.


  • Integrity of fruit pieces and dices
  • Minimum levels of damage to raw material during heating
  • Uniform concentration
  • Use of different heat exchangers according to product characteristics
  • Long production cycles without intermediate washings
  • Continuous control of process parameters
  • Production capacity over 20 T / h