Eco-Saving Pre-Concentrator

Production Range

“ECO-SAVING” pre-concentrator at accelerated circulation

Innovative solution in terms of fruit juice concentration.

The new “ECO SAVING” pre-concentrator applies the accelerated circulation system, thanks to the use of high-performance pumps and the mechanical vapour recompression (MVR).

With the ECO SAVING pre-concentrator at accelerated circulation system, it is possible to obtain a higher brix value, compared to a falling film pre-concentrator.

Completely automatic and with limited overall dimensions, the new pre-concentrator ensures considerable advantages compared to the falling film system.

The plant can be used for a long time without stops during operation and it is designed to be connected to any type of evaporator, thus guaranteeing an increase in final production.

“ECO-SAVING” pre-concentrator and “ECO ENERGY” line

Combined with the “ECO ENERGY” series by FBR ELPO, the new pre-concentrator provides
significant advantages in terms of operation and energy savings, without increasing the
consumption of steam and water of the connected evaporator.

The combination of both machines can double the production concentration capacity.

However, it is possible to use the pre-concentrator as a simple evaporator, exploiting the
economic advantages deriving from low energy consumption.