Production Range

“ECO-ENERGY” evaporator for pulpy juice concentration

“ECO-ENERGY” forced circulation evaporator can be manufactured with several effects, with production capacities ranging from 50 t/24h to 2.000 t/24h of incoming product.

It considerably reduces the consumption of electricity compared to other solutions with the same production capacity, thanks to the particular shape and position of the tube nests, which allow the use of product circulation pumps with low electrical installed power.

“ECO-ENERGY” condenses the vapours with a nebulized water system; this allows to reduce the unit consumption and keep the condenser clean.
Water extraction is carried out by means of a centrifugal pump.

In the “ECO-ENERGY” series, FBR ELPO has created a new special plant for the production of high quality fruit concentrates, with very low residence times and very low process temperatures.

“AZIMUT” evaporator for clarified juice concentration

For the concentration of clear juices, FBR ELPO proposes “AZIMUT” evaporator with a falling film circulation.

The different solutions of the “AZIMUT” model include evaporation capacities from 1,000 l/h up to 50,000 l/h of evaporated water, with a number of effects ranging from 1 to 6.

The main advantage is the extremely reduced residence time, which ensures the preservation of
the organoleptic characteristics even with extremely delicate products.

The steam condenser is usually a surface type which enables the aromatic condensate recovery by
installing an aroma recovery unit.

Forced circulation and falling film “MULTIPURPOSE” evaporator

“MULTIPURPOSE” version combines the characteristics of the ECO-ENERGY and the AZIMUT series in a single system, being able to work both with forced circulation and with falling film.

The series has been designed to process both pulpy and de-pulped products, thanks to the use of the two different sections.

A single control board allows to easily choose and manage both working options.

The stainless steel surface steam ensures the recovery of the aromatic condensates.
Evaporation capacities range from 1,000 l/h up to 50,000 l/h of evaporated water.

“MULTIPURPOSE” evaporator at falling film / forced circulation

New “MULTIPURPOSE” evaporator with simple mixed effect, forced circulation and falling film, designed to treat pulpy concentrates and concentrates of clear juice.

Evaporation capacity is 2,500 L / h.

The evaporator is supplied completely pre-assembled, considering its great constructive simplicity.

The reduced overall dimensions in plan and the easy access to all the components for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance ensure great versatility and simplicity of use.

The new evaporator is part of the “MULTIPURPOSE” series, with evaporation capacity up to 50,000 L / h.