Enzymatic Inactivators

Production Range

Fruit hot and cold extraction

The range of enzymatic inactivators proposed by FBR ELPO for fruit processing includes the hot extraction (HOT BREAK) or cold extraction (COLD BREAK) systems of the juice, the latter particularly suitable for apples and pears. The difference between both systems is the pre-heating of the pulp before or after the removal of the peels.

Hot Break and Cold Break system

In the hot extraction system, the enzymatic inactivator receives the pulp from the chopping unit and then sends it to the pulping/refining unit.

In the cold extraction process, the heat exchanger receives the pulp from the pulper and from there sends it to the refiner.

The heating system can be with or without a recycle pump, and it is also suitable for the fruit processing thnaks to a cooling section included immediately after the heater.

The range of models available covers all the required production capacities.