Dicer and Peeler

Production Range


From the prototype installed in 1973, still working in South America, FBR ELPO continues to improve its “ECOLOGIC-THERMOPEEL” system, to remain a point of reference in the sector of dicing-peeling machines.

The peeler main feature is the particular peeling system through under vacuum thermo-expansion with total recovery of waste. The machine is complete with a surface condenser, centralized lubrication and one or more opposed roller separators with rotation and feed at variable speeds. Different models are available for different production capacities.

FBR ELPO also produces dicing machines with high production capacities, which reach 30 t/h, with high output of diced product  compared to the incoming fresh product. The machines are complete with a waste discharge screw.

Some of the main features are constructive simplicity, easy and quick change of format, compliance with the current sanitary regulations for the materials and components.