Juice Extractors

Production Range

Pulpers and refiners

The use of suitable machines for the extraction of juice ensures considerable improvements in
terms of performance, organoleptic characteristics, colour and consistency.

Thanks to the experience and to the numerous installations made all over the world, FBR ELPO
produces three different versions of pulpers-refiners, able to satisfy every production

All versions can be made with sieves of different holes and have an automatic and programmable
rotor washing system.

The models are able to satisfy every required working capacity.

“VORTEX” juice extractor

Ideal for the extraction of tomato juice and vegetables in general, it features a truncated-conical
rotor, whose particular shape ensures high performance in terms of juice extraction and easy cleaning.

By moving the rotor on its axis of rotation, it is possible to adjust the distance from the sieve easily
and safely.

The machine is also equipped with an effective automatic washing system, which ensures easy
cleaning even during production.

Bodies in two sizes are available, to be combined according to the capacities.

“JUMBO VORTEX” juice extractor

Designed for Hot Break extraction of high fiber content tomato juice to obtain a final product with
high viscosity.

Bostwick consistency may be reached by mixing this product with the conventionally obtained

The cylindrical stainless steel rotor consists of five pieces, with fixed blades having a coating of
special material, oriented differently than the rotation axis.

The distance between the rotor and the sieve is reduced to minimum; the sieve is made of stainless steel, as well as the related reinforcement rings.

The machine, complete with an automatic washing system with centrifugal pump, is equipped
with a motor controlled by inverter.
Production capacities reach over 50 t/h.

“REACTOR” juice extractor

Single-body extractor, suitable for high productions of tomato juice.
The machine is equipped with a two-piece stainless steel cylindrical rotor, with special removable wear-proof material blades with a special profile to facilitate their cleaning.

The front support ensures the maximum strength, avoiding cantilever loads on the shaft.
The sieve is very thick, made of two interchangeable parts and with a wide surface, to guarantee a
good performance even at low revolutions (800-900 rpm).

The cover can be easily opened by means of a hinge, ensuring maximum safety for the operator.
The machine is fitted with an effective washing system with timer that can also be activated during the production and is equipped with a motor controlled by inverter.

Depending on the diameter of the sieve holes, the production capacity reaches over 80 t/h.