Production Range

Evaporators for tomato concentration

All stages of the production process are important, but concentration is certainly the most representative for the companies in this sector.

FBR ELPO has linked this phase with the importance of energy saving, reduction of overall dimensions, automation and production efficiency.

The “ECO-ENERGY” range of FBR ELPO for tomato processing includes forced circulation evaporators, which can be at single, double, triple and quadruple effect, with operational capacities ranging from a minimum of 75 t/24h to a maximum of 2.000 t/24h of incoming raw material.

“ECO-ENERGY” evaporation range:

“ECO-ENERGY” evaporators considerably reduce the consumption of electricity compared to other solutions with the same production capacity, thanks to the particular shape and position of the tube nests which allow the use of product circulation pumps with lower installed power.

The condenser is equipped with an effective nebulized water system and the water is extracted by a centrifugal pump.

In all versions, the steam flow is countercurrent to the product, while the condensation is produced by a semi-barometric condenser.

The materials used in the standard version of “ECO-ENERGY” evaporators are stainless steel 304 for the material in contact with the product and for the condenser, while hot-dip galvanized steel for the support structure.