Receiving and Sorting

Production Range

Machines and equipment for tomato unloading, washing and sorting

In order to obtain an excellent final product, particular attention must be also paid to the receiving
and sorting phase of the incoming fresh tomato, before being sent to the processing section.
The raw material coming from the harvesting areas is transported by truck or by large capacity
Tomatoes can be unloaded into the feeding channels by bin dumpers or case dumpers, or directly
from the trucks through the use of water spray nozzles.
An energetic washing, done with a shower system mounted on a roller elevator, guarantees
maximum cleaning.

Scraping system or optical sorter

It is possible to install an automatic scraping system (redler) to eliminate mud, stones and other
impurities that accumulate on the bottom, as well as a system to filter the recirculated water,
which allows to keep the water free from solid deposits in circulation.
After the washing, the incoming tomatoes are transported towards the sorting tables through
appropriate channels and finally they reach the optical sorter, which allows to eliminate any
residual presence of foreign bodies.
FBR ELPO’s lines have operating capacities ranging from 5 t/h to 100 t/h of fresh incoming product
to be treated.