Sterilization And Aseptic Filling

Production Range

Aseptic sterilizers

FBR ELPO, world leader in aseptic filling, offers various types of sterilizers, ideal for processing tomato based products and able to cope with different production capacities.

The complete range of sterilization systems consists of:
– aseptic sterilizers with concentric tubes with double, triple and quadruple pipes;
– aseptic sterilizers with elliptical tubes for applications on particular products;
– scraped surface aseptic sterilizers;
– aseptic plate sterilizers;
– radiofrequency sterilizers.

Sterilization and aseptic filling

The sterilizers can be combined with FBR ELPO’s fillers for containers from 200 to 1.000 l, as well as to complete the Bag in Box lines with bags of 3-5-10-20 l.

The sterilizers allow the treatment of different products, from the simplest concentrated juices to the most elaborate products with pieces.

The operational capacities of the available machines and lines can satisfy any type of production requirement.