Fruit in all its transformations

Pulpy and clear juices, nectars, natural juice, semi concentrated and concentrated purees, marmalade, diced fruit: each process respects the quality of the inlet fruit to obtain an excellent final product.

FBR ELPO manufactures, with the most advanced technical and technological solutions, multipurpose lines which can process different products, ensuring results that comply with the strictest international standards.

All over the world, hundreds of factories use FBR-ELPO’s machines and lines for processing both continental and tropical fruit.

To gane more markets

Receiving and sorting section, destoners and stone cleaners, hammer mills.

From enzymatic inactivators to juice extraction groups, evaporators, pan concentrators, sterilizers and aseptic fillers: the experience of FBR ELPO team and the equipment flexibility give evident and measurable competitive advantages.

FBR-ELPO’ s lines aim at the highest performance not just in terms of quantity and adjustment possibilities but above all in terms of final product quality.

Particular attention is paid to the processing of biological products, by monitoring all the stages, in order to keep their peculiar characteristics intact.

Taste, smell and variety of solutions are prime goals to gane different markets.

Intuitive Relationship Industrial Supervision (IRIS)

The whole production cycle of FBR-ELPO’s equipment is managed by a new system called INTUITIVE RELATIONSHIP INDUSTRIAL SUPERVISION (IRIS), consisting of an Industrial computer with touch screen and a PLC.

All process variables are monitored and managed by means of sensors and electronic devices which send values to the PLC and IRIS.

Every element of the line is constantly checked and the system can send diagnostics to the Service Department to foresee any kind of problem.

FBR ELPO’s machines can be connected to suppliers’ and transport’s software and systems to create a true Industry 4.0 network.



  • Great experience in fruit processing, even tropical fruit
  • Great production flexibility
  • Best technology on the market
  • High quality materials and components
  • Preservation of organoleptic characteristics and colours
  • Daily record of production data
  • Energy Saving
  • Production capacity over 1.000 t/24h