Automatic Feeder for stand-up bags

Production range

Accessory to be coupled to the “WEB” aseptic filler for Bag in Box

FBR ELPO manufactures an aseptic filler that allows the use of the new stand-up bags.

Thanks to the installation of a specific feeder on the filler mod. AS-I-30/WEB of FBR ELPO it is now possible to use, besides the normal Bag in Box bags, the new stand-up bags.

Depending on the size, the machine stores up to 40 bags at a time and automatically sends them to the filling head.

The new feeder can be adapted to the different sizes of the bags by using special guides.

The operating capacity is over 400 pcs/h with the AS-I-30/WEB model and over 800 pcs/h with the AS-II-30/WEB model. In both models it is also possible to install a special line for the automatic insertion of the bags into the cartons.