Radiofrequency Sterilizer

Production Range

“Elettra” radio frequency sterilizers

To complete the range of existing sterilizers, FBR ELPO produces “ELETTRA” radio frequency sterilizers.

The radiofrequency system is ideal for improving and optimizing the treating of particularly delicate products in terms of color and organoleptic characteristics, as well as for the processing of products with pieces.

With radiofrequency sterilization, the treated product is not heated from the outside, i.e. by conduction through the heated water, but directly from the inside, ensuring numerous advantages, including the reduction of processing times and the maintenance of the characteristics of the product.

Technology applied to product defrosting

Unlike traditional systems, radiofrequency technology can also be applied to the defrosting of
products in pieces, to be used for subsequent processing, ensuring the consistency and structure of the processed raw material thus avoiding any kind of damage.

This technology can also be used to replace the classic mechanical choppers, which require more maintenance and assistance, due to the excessive wear of the chopping mechanisms.

“ELETTRA” sterilizers can be coupled to all the aseptic fillers produced by FBR ELPO.