Big bag aseptic filler

Production Range

For the aseptic filling of 200 and 1.00 L bags

The series of “BIG BAG” aseptic fillers, highly flexible and fully automatic, has been designed to meet the needs of customers using bags from 200 l to 1,000 l.

For years on the market, the line is constantly evolving to offer the maximum functionality and ease of use.

“BIG BAG” fillers can treat a wide range of products, such as fruit and tomato puree and concentrates, concentrates of clear fruit juices, dices, tomato pulp and tropical fruit, soups and low acid products.

If drums with 200-liter bags are used, these are fed by means of a pallet in a 4 unit arrangement. Thanks to the 360° rotating roller conveyor, the filling is completed without unloading the drums from the pallet. The same roller conveyor can also feed bins containing 1.000 liter bags.

Accessories to complete the line

The filling heads are equipped with a lowering system, that during the filling phase of the product, avoids any mechanical stress to the bag placed inside its container (drum, bins or other).

With the application of a specific device, these machines can also fill 3-5-10-20 liter webbed bags.

BIG BAG fillers can use 1 or 2 spouts.

Known on the market as “ELPO CAP“, the cap with 1 and 2 spout designed by FBR ELPO remains inviolable after its closure and can be sterilized by steam only.

Depending on the needs, the filler is also compatible with other types of spouts.

technical data

Bags of 200-1000.L
Bags of 200-1000.L
bags container                   Drums in a row
            Or 4 drums on pallet for bags of 200 L.
operating speed 25/30 bags/h. da 200 l
up to a 7 bags h. da 1000 L.
55/60 bags h. da 200 L.
up to a 14 bags h. da 1000 L.
installed power  6 Kw  10 Kw
steam consumption 10 Kg/h – 6 Bar 20Kg/h – 6 Bar
air consumption 3 Nm3/h – 8 Bar 5 Nm3/h 8 bar