Production Range

New Aseptic Filler JET

From the experience of FBR ELPO in the BAG IN BOX sector is born the new JET aseptic filler, evolution from the WEB range fillers, with even higher performances.

The new entirely automatic JET aseptic filler, completely automatic and made of stainless steel, is designed to fill a wide range of products, liquid and with pieces, low and high acid, such as milk, cream, ice-cream basis, natural fruit juices and concentrates, tea, etc. handling pre-sterilized bags from 1,5 to 20L with continuous module, with working capacity up to 600 bags/h.

Thanks to its significant flexibility, the new JET aseptic filler can work with bags that use any type of spout available on the BAG IN BOX market, including those supplied with product emptying valves and taps, which are particularly indicated for the dispensers. The spouts can in fact be both of the “short neck” and “long neck” types, positioned in the centre of the bag or in a corner. Another distinctive feature is the possibility to sterilise the cap either with chemical agents or simply by using steam.

Versatility and flexibility

New automation and control technologies have made it possible to consistently increase the performance of the machine. Maximum flexibility in installation and the possibility of customization through numerous accessories make the new JET filler extremely attractive to the BAG IN BOX market.

A special transportation system for the bags inside the aseptic area enables both the sterilisation tunnel and the filler head to be entirely closed off and isolated from the external environment, even in the lower advancement spout area. This ensures the maximum level of sterility with a low consumption of sterile air, chemical agents and/or steam.

The remote-assistance device guarantees the connection, via internet, between the management station of FBR ELPO and the customer, allowing the former to intervene following the customer’s request and access permissions. The system can perform diagnostics and updates on the program or directly monitor the plant during the work phase and eventually modify the parameters, even repairing or reloading the system management program.


Filling range Bags of 1,5-20 litres
Operating speed  Up to 600 bags/h
Width 1.300 mm
Lenght 3.700 mm
Height 2.870 mm
Filling Accurancy ± 0,5% dof filled volume (min. ±30 ml)
Product Filling Temperature From +5°C up to +45°C