N.E.S Aseptic Filler ( BAG IN BOX )

Production range

New Extreme Solution for Bag in Box

“N.E.S.”(New Extreme Solution) aseptic filler is the result of years of experience in the production of aseptic filling machines for the dairy sector.

With the application of this special version, considerable advantages have been obtained in the sanitization of the product and in the speed of restoring of the filling functions.

The machine can also be used for filling products such as juices, purees, fruit and tomato concentrates, concentrates and citrus juices, diced fruit, tomato pulp, pizza sauce, etc.

The filler can be coupled to the entire line for carton formation, transfer, filling and sealing. It is also possible to install an aseptic product feeding tank.

For filling 3-5-10-20 liter webbed bags, the operating speed reaches 900 bags/h with the double- headed version.

Technical data

Operating speed Up to 450 s.p.h. Up to 900 s.p.h.
Height 2.600 mm 2.600 mm
Width 1.300 mm 3.800 mm
Length 3.700 mm 3.700 mm
Installed power 8 Kw 15 Kw
Steam Consumption 20 Kg/h 6 bar 40 Kg/h 6 bar
Compressed air consumption  180 Nm3/h 8 bar 360 Nm3/h 8 bar