Web Aseptic Filler (BAG IN BOX)

Production range

Worldwide Leader.

Completely automatic and boasting an excellent performance, the “WEB” range has been designed to fill pre-sterilized webbed module bags of 3-5-10-20 liters.

Originally designed for filling low-acid products in the dairy sector, it turned out to be perfect for the food industry.

Today the machine is widely used for filling with milk, milk shake, cream, juices in general, purees, fruit and tomato concentrates, concentrates and citrus juices, tomato pulp, pizza sauce, physiological solutions, fertilizers and more.

The cutting-edge technology is combined with great versatility, rendering the “WEB” model a bestseller worldwide.

Great flexibility and versatility

Thanks to its considerable flexibility, the “WEB” series can work with bags that use any type of spout available on the Bag in Box market, including those supplied with product emptying valves and taps, particularly suitable for dispensers.
The spouts can be either of the short neck or long neck types, positioned in the center or in a corner of the bag.

Another peculiarity is the possibility to sterilize the spout with chemical agents or simply by using steam. The bag transport system inside the aseptic zone, realized by spaced sectors, allows the sterilization tunnel and the filling head to be completely isolated from the external environment.

This ensures the highest degree of sterility with low consumption of sterile air, chemical agents
and/or steam. “WEB” automatic fillers can be coupled to the entire line for carton formation, transfer, filling and sealing. It is also possible to install an aseptic tank for product feeding. The operating speed reaches 900 bags/h with the double-headed version.

Technical data

Operating Speed Up to 450  s.p.h. Up to 900 s.p.h.
Height 2.600 mm 2.600 mm
Widht 1.300 mm 3.800 mm
Length 3.700 mm 3.700 mm
Installed Power 2 Kw 4 Kw
Steam Consumption 20 Kg/h 6 bar 40 Kg/h 6 bar
Compressed air consumption 30 Nm3/h 8 bar 60 Nm3/h 8 bar