Concentric Tube Sterilizers

Production Range

Concentric pipes sterilizers for liquid and viscous products

FBR ELPO manufactures concentric pipes sterilizers with double, triple and quadruple pipes for liquid, viscous, concentrated products or products with pieces.

In particular, concentric pipes sterilizers with three pipes are ideal for natural juices, concentrated juices and products with small pieces. When processing concentrates, the operating pressure can exceed 150 bar.
Two-pipe concentric sterilizers are instead used to process diced fruit or tomato.

Elliptical tube sterilizers

The two-pipe range also includes a version with elliptical pipes, used in high capacity systems, to keep reduced operating pressures without decreasing the thermal efficiency.
These sterilizers are ideal for applications on particular products or with suspended pieces, even of large size.
It is always possible to install a deaerator and a homogenizer.

The production capacities of the available models range from 500 kg/h to 15,000 kg/h.
All concentric tube sterilizers can be coupled to all the aseptic fillers produced by FBR ELPO.