Special Applications


When sterility is essential

The total hygiene and the quality of materials are key elements in the processing of chemical-pharmaceutical products.

The extraordinary evolution of FBR ELPO’s aseptic fillers has also allowed the application of such machines to this sector.

In fact, Bag-in-Box fillers have been used for packaging physiologic solutions and fertilizers, with the utmost sterility of the final packaged product.

 For every cap and spout

Working capacities can reach over 10.000 l/h with pre-sterilized 3, 5, 10 and 20 l. bags.

The high versatility of FBR ELPO’s aseptic fillers allows the use of all caps or spouts existing on the market.

Caps and spouts can be sterilized with disinfectant chemical agent or sterile air, or with steam.

FBR-ELPO’s fillers can be coupled to tube-in-tube, scraped surface, plate, flash cooler or radiofrequency sterilizers.

They can also be provided with automatic cartoning machines and end-of-line equipment.

Intuitive Relationship Industrial Supervision (IRIS)

The whole production cycle of FBR-ELPO’s equipment is managed by a new system called INTUITIVE RELATIONSHIP INDUSTRIAL SUPERVISION (IRIS), consisting of an Industrial computer with touch screen and a PLC.

All process variables are monitored and managed by means of sensors and electronic devices which send values to the PLC and IRIS.

The software controls the commercial product sterility/asepticity in compliance with the specific parameters of the product to treat.

Every element of the line is constantly checked and the system can send diagnostics to the Service Department to foresee any type of problem.

FBR ELPO’s machines can be connected to suppliers’ and transport company’s computer systems to create a true and own Industry 4.0 network